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#include "SDL\"

#include "SDL\"


' 保持住螢幕畫面

Dim Shared video As SDL_Surface Ptr


' 保持住圖片

Dim Shared temppic As SDL_Surface Ptr


' 保持住精靈圖

Dim Shared pic As SDL_Surface Ptr


' 宣告SDL繪圖

Dim Shared rect As SDL_Rect


' 事件

Dim event As SDL_Event


' We initiasize SDL and we only need video. If this tells me anything but zero

' then we can not continiue

If SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_VIDEO) <> 0 Then

   Print "FATAL: Couldnt init SDL"

   End 1

End If


' We set up the display mode. We wont do fullscreen, if you like then OR the

' options with SDL_FULLSCREEN to get it.

' SDL_HWSURFACE means that this surface is hold in video ram.

' If you want it to be in system ram then exchange SDL_HWSURFACE with


' SDL_DOUBLEBUF tells SDL to create two pages.

video = SDL_SetVideoMode (800, 600, 24, SDL_HWSURFACE Or SDL_DOUBLEBUF)


' If the surface holds nothing then the display is not created, then get out of

' here.

If video = NULL Then

   Print "FATAL: Couldnt init SDL with vidmode 800x600x24"

   End 2

End If



temppic = IMG_Load("1.bmp")

' If this is empty then something went wrong

If temppic = 0 Then

   Print "Could not load file: 1.bmp"

   End 3

End If


'We load our sprite into memory

pic = IMG_Load("1.bmp")

' If this is empty then something went wrong

If pic = 0 Then

   Print "Could not load file: testsprite.bmp"

   End 3

End If


' Now we set the transparency

SDL_SetColorKey(pic, SDL_SRCCOLORKEY, SDL_MapRGB(pic->format, 255, 0, 255))


' We blit the image to the screen.



' This will draw our sprite with transparency on the coordinates stated

rect.x = 40

rect.y = 500


' This prints out our sprite

' rect needs to be passed as a SDL_Rect  ptr ! You dont need to fully understand

' what a pointer is, just do it otherwise it wont work!



' We flip



' We dont need temppic and pic anymore so get rid of it





   ' We grab the newest event from the event stack.



   ' We just want the type of the event

   Select Case event.type

      ' Has a key been pressed?

      Case SDL_KEYDOWN:

          'this tests to see which key was pressed, in this case if the ESCAPE key was pressed, we "exit do" or exit the program basically

            If(event.key.keysym.sym=SDLK_ESCAPE) Then

            Exit Do

         End If

   End Select



' We have finished




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